DeWitt Cheng is a San Francisco artist, art collector, freelance art
writer, and curator.

He has shown his surrealist paintings at the Oakland Museum, the Japanese
American Cultural Center, the Palace of the Legion of Honor (as part of a
residency there), the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, and Berkeley
Art Center. Recently he has exhibited at Inferno Gallery and Micaela

Among the artists in his collection are Nathan Oliveira, Ludwig Redl, Elin
Elisofon, Tom Rippon, Kunito Nagaoka, Manfred Mohr, Dave Warnke, William
Wolff, Joel-Peter Witkin, Tim Holt, Art Hazelwood, Anthony Ryan, Michael
Pollice, Juan Cabrero-Oliver Anthony Ricci, and Marj Fries.

His writing has appeared in numerous websites
(,,,,,, and print publications
(Artweek, Contemporary Impressions, The California Printmaker, ArtNews).

He recently curated the Art for Aids auction show at Arthaus. He is
currently curating "Hybrids: The New Surrealists" at Belmont's Peninsula
Museum of Art, Oct. 29, 2006- Jan. 7, 2007.